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External Waterproofing

Structures that are earth retaining can be damaged by moisture penetration from the outside or by the ground water under hydrostatic pressure.


DELTA® Membranes are available as geocomposites to deal with such problems. They act as a protection layer and a waterproof drainage layer, and quickly remove the water to suitable land drainage around the structure. They prevent the build up of hydro static pressure on the structure and filter the water via an internal polypropylene filter layer. This prevents the fine ground particles from blocking the drainage facility and avoids destabilising the soil. The membranes also act as a protection layer and protect any primary waterproofing on the structure against damage when the backfill takes place. The membranes can be used up to 10 metre depths.

externalTypical detail of our external waterproofing

A primary waterproofing is applied to the external wall, lapping over the foot of the foundation using Koster Deuxan 2C.  The Structural waterproofing is then covered by theDelta-Geo-Drain-Quattro, which is a waterproof, protection and drainage layer. This protects the primary waterproofing when the backfill takes place, and relieves the hydrostatic pressure from the structure by draining the groundwater down to the perforated land drain pipe, which is taken off to a soak-away or sump chamber. The open top edge of the membrane is capped off usingGeo-Drain Clips and MS-Profile. The backfill is then put in place.








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