Hussar Group Ltd roots can be traced back to a family run construction company established in 1995 in Poland by Daniel Krzak, which undertook construction and development projects specialising in residential and commercial new builds.

Successful projects during that time included hundreds of commercial buildings for chain supermarkets and family homes all build from the ground up.

Today Hussar Group Ltd offers its services to customers in London and surrounding area. Our experience, professionalism, high standards and extensive construction knowledge allows us to meet even the most demanding client visions. Challenge drive us and we are very keen to take on even the most complex and complicated projects.

With many projects completed to date, Hussar Group combine experience, knowledge, professionalism, high standards, innovation. We only work with the best, each of our crew members is carefully selected, well-trained, experienced and is a specialist in his field. We build using only newest technologies, while maintaining high standards and attention to even smallest details.

We take special care while insulating the building and eliminating thermal bridges. All that ensures that all building we erect are dry, warm and energy-efficient.


⦁    on time and within your budget – we pride ourselves in being creative, knowledgeable and well organised what allows us quickly progress  with the projects we take on, very often completing works before fixed date
⦁    professionally, with the latest technologies
⦁    safely; our priority is always a safety of your loved ones, our crew team members, your neighbouring properties so we take extra care when it comes to properly securing a building site. Our experience and wast structural and building knowledge on a static and structural loads allow us to carry out even the most complex projects safely
⦁    to a very high standard, never compromising on the quality
⦁    to your satisfaction, we believe at Hussar Group that building are for people, to improve the experiences of the people who use it, that`s what drives us

Our focus and determination to deliver the highest quality lies at the heart of everything we do, and have done for 20 years. We are committed to delivering added value to any project entrusted to us.
We believe buildings are for people.  And creating and maintaining a building is both a human and a technical challenge. That’s what drives us.

  • We keep our promises and act with integrity: trustworthy
  • We consistently deliver quality, on time and to budget: reliable
  • We support customers, our colleagues, communities and the environment: considerate
  • We always try to find a better way of doing things: creative

Contact us today and we’ll work with you to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget – without the sacrifice in quality.